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Xylojot’s flagship offering is an advanced Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, masterfully crafted with a staunch focus on privacy and groundbreaking design thinking. Our EHR operates as a continuously syncing, hyper-scalable platform, designed to ensure patient records are always current and updated to the minute. This resilience is maintained even when the system reconnects after being offline, thanks to our adoption of an event-driven architecture model, grounded in Domain-Driven Design and event modelling principles.

The core of Xylojot's value proposition lies in our state-of-the-art digital health journal. This journal is not only the foundation of our EHR but also a powerful tool capable of enhancing and complementing existing EHR systems in the market.

Prominent features of our EHR include comprehensive Patient Records, advanced Analytics, and fortified Data Security. We've deliberately architected our system to facilitate seamless integration with third-party add-ons, with our first significant venture being a collaboration with Stonestep to integrate health insurance solutions efficiently.

Xylojot is committed to merging the principles of privacy, innovative design , and user-centric functionality. This commitment, along with our sophisticated event-driven architecture, places Xylojot at the cutting edge of healthcare technology solutions."


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